Mayor of Kingstown Season 2


Mayor of Kingstown is a new hard-core crime that follows Mike McLusky, played by Hawkeye’s infamous archer superhero actor, Jeremy Renner, the titular city’s officially-unofficial power broker. It’s such a gripping show that fans are asking for Kingstown season 2 mayor.

Mayor of Kingstown follows Mike McLusky who has a unique power and position as a linchpin and power broker in terms of negotiating deals between the criminal gangs and the underworld with authorities and politicians, hence the unofficial mayor title he gets.

The series finale has us on the edge of our seats, but will there be Kingstown Season 2 Mayor? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Mayor of Kingstown Season 2!

Will there be mayor of Kingstown season 2?

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2

As for Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 information, we have good news! Fans of the crime drama series will be happy to hear that Paramount+ has decided to extend the show for another season so we can expect more in the gritty McLusky saga, as confirmed by Production weekly on December 23, 2021/

As for the total length of the episodes, we can see the same number of episodes and it will be released weekly with the first two episodes of season 2 emerging. And if we go by the previous production schedule for the show, we can expect the second season of Mayor of Kingstown sometime in late 2022.

Of course, the biggest factor will be whether or not Jeremy Renner is bound by his duty as a member of Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe production, which can hinder production time if a scheduling problem arises.

What is the story of Mayor of Kingstown Season 2?

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2

Season 1 concludes with the authorities brutally ending the Kingstown Prison Rebellion. Once he realizes that his younger brother, Kyle, is trapped inside, Mike agrees to enter the prison and negotiate terms with the rioting inmates. It soon becomes apparent that the rebel leader, P-Dog, wants to send a message to the authorities in retaliation for the guards’ ill-treatment of the prisoners.

Mike watches helplessly as a prison guard is executed before his very eyes. Shortly afterwards, the security forces surrounding the prison opened fire, killing dozens of inmates and ending the rioting. Mike and his brother barely survive, and the former returns to his cabin in the woods, where Iris is waiting for him.

The upcoming season 2 will open in the wake of the disastrous riot and Mike will likely pick up the pieces of his empire. With the balance of power and all channels of negotiation between the authorities and crime gangs essentially destroyed, the “mayor” will have a hard time getting things back to normal.

After his traumatic experience of being locked up in prison during the riots and being attacked by the inmates, Mike’s brother Kyle might also consider moving to a more peaceful place. So Season 2 will see the McLusky family in a very different situation than Season 1, but we can expect Mike to doggedly carry on the violent legacy of his father and older brother.

Who will be featured in Mayor of Kingstown Season 2?

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2

The cast is led by Jeremy Renner, who plays the titular character Mike McLusky. Regular cast members include Dianne Wiest (Miriam McLusky), Taylor Handley (Kyle McLusky), Tobi Bamtefa (Deverin ‘Bunny’ Washington), Hugh Dillon (Ian), and Emma Laird (Iris). They are joined by Derek Webster (Stevie), Hamish Allan-Headley (Robert), Pha’rez Lass (P-Dog), Aidan Gillen (Milo Sunter), and others.

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