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Can Chu-Gong’s manhwa Solo Leveling get an anime adaptation? Will we finally see Sung Jin-Woo’s journey from an E-rank fighter to an S-rank, and maybe more, animated? Will this series be the next most popular Solo Leveling anime adaptation of the season like Tower Of God? All your answers are below!

Every day are so many manga series like Konosuba, Overlord and One Punch Man, web series originally adapted as anime. Now Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer dominate the anime world. So when will Solo Leveling get its anime adaptation?

Will there be a Solo Leveling anime?

#2 Update: According to a leak from Chinese social network Weibo, the production of an anime series for the webtoon Solo leveling, by Gi So-Ryeong and Jang Sung-Rak, would be underway. The leak has not been confirmed, so production information is expected soon.

#1 Update: We found a source from a Korean website Hankyung on “KakaoPage ‘Only I Level Up’, Surpasses KRW 30 Billion in Sales”.

Interview with Korean News site Hankyung, said Noble Comics Company CEO Hyun-soo Hwang.

“I also promote ways to create Solo Leveling (Only I Level Up) like games, animations, dramas, etc. And we discuss proposals from various production companies.”

Noble Comics Company is an in-house independent company of Kakao Page, and while it’s in no way an endorsement of an anime adaptation, it at least shows that they’re aware of its popularity and are investigating whether they want to increase their reach to other media.

Solo leveling anime

Solo Leveling’s webtoon manhwa will get an anime adaptation in 2021. change.orgThe Solo Leveling anime petition started some time ago and now has 200,000+ out of 500,000 characters. A trailer has also surfaced for Solo Leveling Manhwa. With a fully finished web novel and a manhwa of over 100 chapters, that’s enough source material to produce an anime. Fans around the world are desperately hoping for Solo Leveling to hit screens.

Japanese audience

Many fanatics of the series have argued that one explanation for the hit series not getting an anime variant is that the series portrays Japan in a negative way.

This should be visible in both the light novel and the manhwa, and while many users of the series may not see it, it could very well be a problem in the event that the series is enlivened. Plus, since Japan is the force to be reckoned with from anime, there’s a good chance a Japanese studio would speed up the series. In all likelihood, the performers wouldn’t be happy to put on a show depicting their own country as adversaries. This also applies to the Japanese anime fans who may be new to the series.

Solo Leveling Manhwa YouTube Trailer

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date

Since the Tower of God webtoon was animated, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine Solo Leveling getting a similar treatment. Fans are still eagerly awaiting the announcement of the anime adaptation of Solo leveling. When Webtoons released a Solo Leveling trailer hinting at the anime adaptation of the manhwa, it seemed like the anime adaptation was just on the horizon. But unfortunately, no official news about this has been released yet.

Solo level is #1 in Myanimelist’s top manhwa list website with a rating of 8.86/10 out of 120,000+ users, Tower of God also ranked #5, but still got an anime adaptation as Crunchyroll Original and The Breaker, which is also another famous manhwa getting a sequel to The Breaker Season 3 this year.

If Solo Leveling Anime is announced in the next six months, fans can expect it premiere at the end of 2022. However, if series production is confirmed in late 2021, Season 1 may not debut until early 2023.

Many fans believe that due to the negative portrayal of Japan in the manhwa and web novel, the chances of it being adapted into an anime are drastically reduced. Nevertheless, with a huge fan base spreading all over the world, they took matters into their own hands. They started a petition asking Netflix to turn the manhwa into an anime. More than 200,000 signatures have been collected so far, and in total only 500,000 are needed for anime studios and Netflix to consider the petition. So if you haven’t yet signed the Solo Leveling anime customization petition, be sure to visit and sign the petition.

We are sure there will be solo leveling moves later, and the work has just begun out of sight, and we will inform you when the creation finally begins. As a clue to users, DNC webtoon even delivered a Solo Leveling trailer to its YouTube channel, giving fans a chance to see the Solo Leveling anime airing soon.

Solo leveling action

Solo leveling action

Portals with monsters began to appear on planet Earth. Hunters (people who acquired mysterious powers after the invasion) are part of several guilds that take care of cleaning and closing these portals. This action can only be achieved by taking down the final boss.

If they fail, the portals will eventually open, allowing the monsters to slaughter humans. Sung Jin-Woo is known as and is literally the weakest fighter in the world. But one day, after completing a quest present in a terrifying dungeon, he gains the unique ability to “level up” and becomes a player. The only way to achieve all his goals is to become a powerful fighter. Will he succeed using this new system?


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